Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mothership, An Adhocracy Unlimited Company

The vision for a social action I wrote about in an earlier post is gaining momentum and clarity since the initial meeting. A core group is developing and currently working to articulate goals.

In addition to the core group committed to weekly meetings, there are a number of folks that have asked to be pulled in later, for the actual event. The list of resources is growing. There are still people contacting me who want to be involved in the work, many of whom I would be honored to work with.

Today, just minutes after I had programmed the number for the Friends of Third Place Books into my phone, I met the Executive Director. I wanted to arrange meeting space for Mothership Social Action. When I told her what we where doing, she gleamed and seemed to be exulted when she said, "we have been trying to figure out how to do community outreach for that!" This is just one on many serendipitous occurrences this week. As my friend, Scott Melanson said today, "the air is just crackling with 'coincidence' right now".

Short of changing the world, one group at a time, Mothership will create a solid protoype and pilot a program that can hopefully be replicated 100 times over. There will be a program template and variables will depend on the audience or target populataion. We have begun to film a documentary to tell the story as in unfolds.

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