Sunday, April 17, 2011

Crowd Sourcing

Ever think about creativity and human interaction? I do and I have been thinking about how crowd sourcing works lately. Specifically, how it created social change.

There are a bunch of inspiring examples currently. Two of my favorites are open source ecology, and the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers. Where creative collaborations and data are creating game-changing products and services of value.

Open source ecology is a growing group of farmers who are collaborating to engineer the tools needed to manage their agricultural operations. Inspired by the ridiculous cost of commercial farm equipment and it's repairs. They are sharing designs of tools that get the job done and at a fraction of the cost of traditional commercial tools and equipment. Here is a Ted Talk about it:

Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers is disrupting business as usual in health care by targeting the most expensive patients with an alternative health care delivery system, namely home visits. If you would like to learn more about this see the PBS website story about it or the New Yorker article Hot Spotters. Now, this example is not web-based as in the internet but it is social network based and that is important because social change is social change online and off.

Of course there are aggregate examples of creativity and interaction too like YouTube where you can follow any one of a million or more paths of interest to learn something new or to entertain yourself. You can also respond to what you find and engage in online conversations about it. You can even "broadcast yourself" as it were.

What types of engagement are you doing? What are you creating online and off that is changing the world? I am so interesting to know!

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