Friday, November 6, 2009

The Creativity of Interaction

We exist and develop in a world that is social. Because of this the social process of communication is vital. All life forms have communication as a major structure of their being connecting them with their environment; shaping ecosystems. The process of photosynthesis, and heliotopic nature of plants that turn with the sun through out a day come to mind as examples.

Communication has the power to motivate, and to overwhelm us, to heal us, and to dis-ease us. Through interaction with our environments, and one another, we literally shape our identities, our experiences, and our reality. From an experience of having piece of mind, to spiritual euphoria, to humor, our words, art, virtually all our creative expression shapes us and the world around us. We are formed in a social context, nourished in one, and through communication we are able to regenerate. How aware are we of this amazingly elegant process of emergence?

Interaction is creativity. It is a marriage between intention and interaction (Individual and group; I and thou) that allows reality to snap into place, just in time for us not to notice that we are creating it.

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