Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Value Creation

When we consultants have conversations about organizational development, our services and the like, are we shaping material value or symbolic value? or both? What nudges people to want it?

If social media can create value for mundane human activities, what then is the medium for OD that will create value? What is the interface for how OD is done.

There are a few useful distinctions to make in regard to value. These are perception and reality. Given there are a multiplicity of subjective realities in every situation, what is the topography of value?

Advertising man, Rory Sutherland spoke on TED talks recently about value. With the OD Network Conference in Seattle (Oct. 18-21) this week I am in "mashup" mode. Sutherland's ideas of perceived value and interface design have me thinking about organizational development and value creation.

I am going to rest for the night thinking about behavioral economics and intangible value creation.

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