Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cooperative Infrastructures

"We mind as well get good at them." Clay Shirky said this on TED in 2007, as I was finishing up thesis project with a cooperative day care. I could not agree more with what Clay said about these structures tapping the value the whole system, something, he said, intitutions can not do solely because of the cost of organizing. I like what he said about nature of support groups being "value neutral" too.

These two ideas seem to validiate what community conversation project is doing. We are building cooperative structures that are adaptable, and cultivate capability for ingenuity and adaptation.

Check this out.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel,
I'm disseminating this nice interview with Douglas Rushkoff: "The beginning is really to develop a gift economy"...
and looking for kindred spirits,I thought that perhaps it could be interesting for you... ; )

warm greetings
Jose Luis

transformation said...

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