Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Group Genius

The unemployed population is growing by the day and it seems like the right time to bring people together.

A few months back I starting a talking with a small group of folks about a service project to help people in career transition. I am personally getting more jazzed everyday about the power of converstation for social change. I am inspired. A small group of us have been cooking this idea for a while now and I think we are gaining clarity as a collaborative team. It is a great learning for me to excerise my leadership in a intentionally collaborative group.

Our new working title is Conversations for Social Action. I have undated the wiki site too as we have video and audio files of our work.

We are planning to design an event for April. In preparation, we have a new vision and mission statement and are in the process of clarifying our goals.

Our Vision:
We are addressing the needs of society in transition by fostering a shift from isolation to community.

Our Mission:
We endeavor to create a platform for self organization that will allow people to people to share their stories in unemployment and collectively pay attention to what emerges with a network of resources at the ready to assist with collective improvisation.

On February 14th, at 11am - 12pm, I'll be at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park holding and information session for folks who want to join in the project. And, on February 18th, at 5:45pm - 7:30pm there will be a conversation about it at ASTDs Collaborative Learning Communities SIG. Here is a link to information about the event.

"Collaboration drives creativity because innovation always emerges from a series of sparks” - never a single flash of insight." - Keith Sawyerm, Author of Group Genius

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