Saturday, February 7, 2009

Conversations for Social Action

The social action project continues to take shape. The need continues to grow as unemployment domintates the headlines.

We have taken on a new name as a result of our collective visioning work. Conversations for Social Action is initating converstaions as the title suggests. We are still planning to target unemployeed folks to participate. The vision is a simple one: to meet the society in transition by a fostering a shift from isolation to community.

The ambiguity of this work has been a little uncomfortable as with anything ambiguous. I think we were really tempted to plan this thing to death but today we made a choice to leave room for the emerging. Yes! I guess you could say we are visioning with the invisible in mind. I was happy that we all recognized that a part of what are doing is undefined and that part is actually rather significant to the actual design. The work in letting the unknown be unknown is exactly what we need for creativity to keep flowing so we can gain clarity on what we doing. I love operating by paradox.

We were produced a vision and mission today that will allow us to design a learning platform that will leave room for us to pay attention collectively to the emerging. We are operating under the hypothesis that the group that we convien will be self-organizing. We'll support them with setting the stage for dialogue, storytelling and provide them with feedback for their self-awarness as a group. There will be a choice point too to collaborate beyond the initial group process or not.

To be continuted...

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