Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Observing the Human System - Questions for Cultural Analysis

1. What is the background of the founders?
2. What explains the organizations growth and survival?
3. What does the organization stand for? What is its motto?
4. What values does the organization talk about?
5. What values does the organization act about?
6. How do people get ahead? What does it take to do well in this organization? To stay out of trouble?
7. What kind of mistake is forgiven?
8. Who is considered deviant in the culture and why? How does the organization treat them?
9. How are good employees rewarded?
10. What are the main rules that everyone has to follow in this organization?
11. How does the company respond to crisis?
12. What messages is conveyed by the physical setting?
13. How do things get done in this organization?
14. How do people spend their time at work?
15. How does the company take in new members?
16. What kinds of stories are told about the organization?
17. Who are the heroes and why?
18. Is there anything that cannot be talked about?
19. How do people exercise power?
20. What is the organization’s code of ethics?

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