Monday, November 3, 2008

Weathering the Storm

Leading is like the work of a master gardener.

Planning to sow, knowledge of the terrain, climate and compositon of the soil is required. I liken this to having good data about our systems to drive the decision making process.

Intimate understanding of the crops needs is essential. Understanding the ideal requirements for them to thrive and minimal requirements for survival enable us to negotiate one crops needs in relationship to the others in your garden.

Leadership requires us to pay attention to the environment and the cultivation process. Organisms will themselves into being. The gardener facilitates the natural process using the pattern of seasons which are reliable to a point. However, there is always a growing season and season of change.

The systems of organizations, value streams and supply chains which we lead and organize our lives around are more complex and move quicker than any garden. In simpler times, agriculture provided rhythm for our economy. The agrarian cycles of work that once shaped our behavior have within them the strength and wisdom to weather the economic storms of our time.

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