Garden Design

The places where landscape and people meet are the most interesting places!

As a garden designer, Rachel Lyn uses an approach that balances ecology science and beauty. Her designs are informed by the permaculture ethics of Care for the Earth, Care of People, and Fair Share and the principles of permaculture which emphasise the interdependence of the web of life, and the intelligent design of ecosystems.

Her process is simply: ObserveResearch. Draft. Collaborate. Design. The steps in the process are the following: 1) initial site visit and goals setting, 2) proposal and contract, 3) site analysis and data collection, 4)joint data analysis and final goal setting, 5) research and draft design 6) design and implementation planning.

As a designer Rachel Lyn is committed to collaboration.Other designers and facilitators will be partnered with on each project. Each project is a learning event no matter the scope of the project.

The services she is offers are
  • Site walks  
  • Base mapping
  • Plant research
  • Soil testing
  • Species Niche analysis
  • Written and drawn implementation plans
  • Community development and local support coaching 

Contact Rachel Lyn to schedule a site walk, to learn more about permaculture, or to learn more about her design process. 

Rachel Lyn is also a Guild Member at the Resilience Hub and Portland Permaculture Group where she collaborates with other expert designers on design projects from the White Mountains to Rockland to Kittery, Maine.

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