Facilitation and Process Consulting Services

The gatherings that Rachel Lyn designs usually result in highly engaged participants, deepened relationships, commitment to action, and collaborative learning. As a master of behavioral science, she designs each event to reach specific goals, advance the learning capacity of groups, establish a culture of effective, self-organizing and creative groups. She is also able to consult at various levels organizations.

She is available for meeting and workshop design, retreats and organizational developmental programs. Leaders in their field who need to either develop a conversational leadership approach, or manage cross-functional teams, or organize multi-disciplinary groups or engage diverse stakeholders groups should especially consider Rachel Lyn's services.

Because of her unique background in design, education and business, Rachel Lyn can be helpful to leaders and groups working in food systems, alternative energy, resource management, waste management, multi-stakeholder landscape design, town planning, and service learning projects, curriculum development and action research.

The project scoping process begins with Needs Assessment and Goal Setting.  She will help you conducting inventories and data gathering processes that using appropriate tools for your culture, as well as the evaluation tools to measure results. This a standard piece of her consulting engagement and is offered as a stand alone consultation, for leaders and groups that want to learn how to master this function, it can also be paired with a custom training.

Leadership Coaching is sometimes all that is needed to achieve greatness in our work. Applying a behavioral science approach, Rachel Lyn can help you lead and live well. Her coaching program emphasizes the ever important and yield-producing goal setting process. From there, depending on your goals, she will help with communication, decision making, skills inventories, conflict mode assessment, and process consulting. Coaching engagements are available by retainer only.

Data Feedback and Joint Decision Making is an art and a science. This is generally a specific meeting design supporting group process for analysis of data relevant to a specific business or community problem. the meeting balances participation and efficiency using presentation skill and conversation models. The process lets a group jury-out the situation, leading to a superior decision. Making strategic sense of data while avoiding analysis paralysis is the art resulting in actionable plans. This service is a standard part of full consulting engagement or can be contracted as a stand alone service.

A favorite for Boards of Directors and Executive Teams, Strategy Development is a particular type of facilitation that helps groups reset their focus, after a change in the business environment, or a change in the leadership group, or as part of an annual meeting. Newly formed groups also benefit from this service to set focus so they can systematically and move forward on identified targets. Strategy meetings result in clear vision, niche analysis and action plans, using various consensus building, project scoping, metrics setting tools.

Guiding the process of drafting business plans from the executive summary to market research and feasibility studies, to making decisions about organizational structure, operations, marketing strategy, organizational development, to choosing the right avenue or capital, and setting projections. Business Planning services are available for any start up, new board, or collaborative partnership who wants to ensure success. Rachel Lyn offers business planning services on a consulting basis using a either a coaching by retainer or design consulting model. Please inquire about rates and terms.

Well planned and facilitated difficult conversations can increase capacity in groups. Conversations for communicating to the common ground and setting boundaries to establish functional relationships is the basis of Rachel Lyn's Conflict Resolution service. Offered as group workshop or a mediation-style engagement involving two parties, this service stands alone from the others or can be incorporated into retreats or contracted as as a development program.

Courses on group dynamics, leadership styles, decision making styles, "change management", diversity  and radical inclusion, behavioral psychology, participatory design, social permaculture, facilitation skills and action research are offered both as a custom training for your organization, and publically through The Resilience Hub 

**All work requires full partnership with an appropriate project sponsor, whose role in the organization or group is authorized to hire, and sign contracts. The sponsor may also chose to employ a person, as a sustaining sponsor to carry the partnership through all deliverables.

Contact Rachel Lyn today to set up an initial consultation and discuss terms either by email at rachellyn.rumson@gmail.com or by phone at 207.332.7224.